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Why PS Electronics?

Experts in PCB & PCBA since 2008!

  • We have both highly qualified specialists and the full technical capacity to offer a complete service at the highest level.
  • We are certified in ROHS, ISO14001, ISO9001, REACH and UL.
  • We have 6 fully automated production lines in our 3600m².
  • Experienced engineers, consultants and technicians, who will help you at all stages of your project.

PS Electronics Co. Ltd

Our services include PCB design; PCB Supply; PCB Assembly; Component Search; Final Tests and support at all stages of your project.
We have our own plant and we are based in Shenzhen, China.

Our Services

PCB Design Service.

In addition to PCB manufacturing and assembly, PS Electronics provides PCB design service.

We can help you with, for example:

  • High speed circuits (video, audio, etc.);
  • Power circuits (Power Supplies, LED lighting, etc);
  • Small PCBs (Smartphones, digital products, etc.);
  • High frequency circuits (For communication, sensors, etc.);

PCB Supplier

With more than 27 years of experience and always keeping up to date with the latest technologies,
PS Electronics can manufacture rigid PCBs, FPCs and rigid-flexible PCBs and
High-Mix Low Volume is available, as well as mass production.
With our experience we know how to provide you with fast and low-cost manufacturing of your PCBs.

  • Fr4/CEM3 PCB:The most popular PCB, cost-effective.
  • High Tg PCB: High-temperature resistant, better dimensional stability, PS is a supplier of Tg130-190 (FR4).
  • Metal PCB: High thermal conductivity, aluminium, iron, copper, good for LED products.
  • Roger PCB: Specifically refers to the PCBs using Rogers high-frequency materials.
  • Teflon PCB: Another high-frequency material, widely used in the microwave industry, few PCB supplier provide, but PS does.
  • Halogen-free PCB: Do not contain any compounds derived from Halogen, which is environmentally friendly and flameproof.

PCB Assembly

We understand your need for manufacturing to be in the shortest time possible and with high quality.
That is why since 2009 we have our own factory of 3600 square meters with 5 SMT lines and 2 DIP lines.

  • We assemble: in large, medium or small quantities, and rapid prototypes;
  • Endless applications: Consumption electronics, lights, audio, automobiles, industrial control, communications, etc.
  • We guarantee:
  • Confidentiality. Send us your NDA to sign;
  • No surprise costs. The quote will be clear and respected;
  • High quality guaranteed by standards QMS, IPC-A-610F, and J-STD-001F;
  • With our certifications we help you bring your product to market.

Component Sourcing

Electronic component sourcing requires high profession and forward-looking, as a PCB assembly manufacturer.
PS has a reliable procurement team who always keep up with the market & technology trends, they inspect the BOM at the beginning PCB assembly flow and then propose the best solution based on rich experience.

  • Cost-effective parts bring us with customers;
  • PS relies on the Chinese market while actively builds overseas procurement teams, aims to cut down the costs of our customers and save time;
  • 100% of the components come from the original factories because we only choose suppliers with authorization;
  • 100% IQC, regular suppliers review, we will never be careless of quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been making PCB and PCBA?

PS Electronics Co. Ltd has been making PCB for over 27 years.
And we started assembling PCB (PCBA) in 2008.

How can I quote my PCB or PCBA?

Please send your files and requirements to us by email sales01@asiacircuit.com.
Quote will be sent back as soon as we get through an evaluation.

What documents do you need for PCB production and assembly?

For PCB please provide Gerber data (RS-274-X) or PCB layout files such as Altium file.
Also please send us any special requirements if you have.
For PCBA please provide the same documents as PCB, plus your BOM (bill of materials) and your CPL (Component Placement List).
Additionally, if you want us to carry out functionality tests, send us your instructions.

Are my PCB files safe when I submit them to you?

We respect your copyright, we will never manufacture PCB for anyone other than you. We will sign an NDA and we also have an ERP system to make sure we handle your files correctly.

What is the lead time of PCB Assembly?

It depends on quantity, the complexity of the board and the purchasing cycle of components. It will be made clear in the quote.
For prototype assembly it can be delivered as quick as 3 days.

Do you offer Lead-Free?

Of course, we provide RoHS lead-free assembly.